Maryann Anselmo


Like fine wine in exquisite crystal, this is the sound of MaryAnn Anselmo whose self-titled debut CD formerly known as “Mariel Larsen (COCOJAZZ Music) was among the most enchanting jazz vocal albums to emerge within our jazz community back in 2007. One would ask themselves “WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MARIEL LARSEN??  Plain & Simple: SALVATION

Produced by the legendary Elliot Scheiner, the exquisite recordings will be re-released in the fall of 2018.

Maryann’s self-titled debut CD, is an intimate portrait of one woman’s romantic journey through love. The LP evokes the very essence of sophistication, in her artistic renderings, MaryAnn treats eleven timeless classics from the Great American Songbook with clear headed beauty. Her vocal enchantment is exemplified by wonderfully inventive new arrangements by American pianist, composer and arranger, Jon Cowherd known for his partnership with jazz drummer Brian Blade and the Fellowship, and an all-star cast of world-class sidemen. Lovers of the traditional songbook material, one will be fascinated by MaryAnn’s endless reserve of vocal intimacy, prowess, and loyalty to the composers.

You’ll hear a singer who knows how to tell the story because she’s lived it. Seasoned by the vicissitudes of a   WOMAN SURVIVOR, MaryAnn is about to take on the world with God’s Grace.

This intimate portrait suggests fine wine in exquisite crystal. The songs speak to the real and illusory facets of a love affair. MaryAnn extracts the essence, layers it with subtlety and sets it down straight into your heart. Her ability to inhabit the lyric, to make it her own, is heard on every track and fleshed out even more by Jon Cowherd’s arrangements and Elliot Scheiner’s production. Just listen to But Beautiful, a simple, yet elegant opener setting the mood, followed by Comes Love and Taking a Chance on Love, articulating the inevitable emotions of unexpected love. The Nearness of You and Prelude to A Kiss, both an honest evocation of new love; Haunted Heart and More Than You Know sit squarely in the moment of authentic love. A tinge of nostalgia and the longing of a broken heart informs a beautifully rendered Early Autumn followed by MaryAnn’s urgent version of When Sunny Gets Blue. And the nuanced intensity and utter sadness of You’ve Changed is enough to bring you to tears. The intersection of hope and disappointment, those corners of love that expose truth, reveal themselves at the end in her straight-ahead reading of the classic Sophisticated Lady.

She has invited you to share the next chapter of her journey and you’ll be glad you did. Even after the last note has been sung, the sentiment lingers and her voice remains in your memory.

MaryAnn is proud to say she is a Survivor for she has so much to live for, the love of a good man, and the healing power of music.